Rain or Shine Homemade Ice Cream plus Ice Cream Cone Giveaway!

So I’m in Vancouver for a while for some stuff and I haven’t really been in my kitchen. (I have been in a kitchen, just not mine, but more on that later.) Instead of just not posting anything, I had some interesting culinary adventures and I thought I would share them with you!

My bestie (from the Best Friend Brownies) decided to travel around Granville Island and West 4th Avenue for some fun and shopping.  And boy did we find something amazing! We stumbled across a local Ice Creamery by the name of Rain or Shine Homemade Ice Cream!


This place is amazing. They use locally sourced ingredients and make all of their ice cream in the back (you can sneak a peak through the window!). Their impressive and fresh menu is more than just tantalizing, they are divine! They have an impressive list of regular flavors and an extraordinary list of seasonal flavors! Just take a look! (Apologies to the terrible photo quality. I only had my camera phone.)

They even have amazing vegan options (seriously amazing). There is no reason not to have any ice cream!

IMG_20140707_162057 (2)

The staff is super friendly and everything just tastes delicious. I ended up getting the Earl Grey Lavender Milkshake. There’s not much left in the photo because I inhaled it! They mixed delicious London Fog ice cream and Honey Lavender ice cream in a delicious milkshake concoction (drizzled with local Abbotsford honey!).


My bestie ended getting the “Josie’s Fav” Sundae. It was a peanut butter/chocolate/vanilla sundae topped with fresh whipped cream, homemade caramel sauce and some AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING candied hazelnuts.



Are you salivating yet? You should be! I am so happy and excited to say that I have gift card for Rain or Shine in Vancouver for a free gift card! If you are in the Vancouver area, know people in the Vancouver area or going to be in the Vancouver area, this is going to be awesome! This contest is open to anyone in North America and is open until August 20th!

Tell your friends and click on the link below!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

4 thoughts on “Rain or Shine Homemade Ice Cream plus Ice Cream Cone Giveaway!

  1. So glad that you found a place to eat on your trip. When I was in Toronto I found an awesome GF and vegan place to grab a snack, and another GF place where I got a smoothie. (I have celiac which is why I’m GF). But, it’s awesome to try out eateries when you travel! I can’t wait to hear the story about the other kitchen too. Have a wonderful weekend and happy FF!

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  2. Yep, my mouth is watering! 🙂 if only I lived in North America, I’d definitely enter the giveaway. The milkshake and sundae both look amazing! Thank you for sharing so much deliciousness with Fiesta Friday, and enjoy the party!!

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