2 Cakes; 1 Buttercream – Part 2: Mini Tart Raspberry Swiss Roll

I said that I was going to make 2 different cakes and only use one buttercream. This is really me being lazy.

But when you think lazy, homemade Swiss rolls don’t usually come to mind.


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2 Cakes; 1 Buttercream – Part 1: Moist Chocolate cupcakes with Tart Raspberry Buttercream

I have a confession to make. I love my best friend’s Fresh Tart Raspberry Buttercream recipe. It tastes absolutely amazing. I have used it to fill French Macarons and I’ve had it on top of sweet vanilla cakes.

But those are both light and simple flavors. I wanted to taste them with something equally complex. I wanted to taste something rich to complement the tart.

I was a little worried that this would be a little bit of a clash, but it turns out, the richness of the moist chocolately cake paired perfectly with the tart raspberry.


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