Italian Hazelnut Florentines and the Granville Island Market

Recently, I was down in Granville Island for a wedding and between the ceremony and the reception, I decided to hang around and explore one of my favorite places on earth. The Granville Island Market. It is just a beautiful place and a bit of a culinary heaven, in my books. I completely forgot to take good photos of anything and really just took random cell phone photos.


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Lime in the Coconut Pound Cake

My husband loves limes. It’s insane how many limes we go through (without the help of tequila). When we peruse through the fresh produce aisle of Costco, our cart always leaves the warehouse wonderland with a large bag of limes. Normally, we add a squeeze/slice/wedge (Squidge!!) to our drinking water, but… there are some days where these limes need to be used ASAP!


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